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Company Policies

Policy on Whistle Blowing

There are mechanisms or procedures under the Company’s Code of Discipline to review and investigate complaints or information by complaining employees and/or “whistle blowers” to ensure that they are duly protected from retaliation and can fully trust and have confidence in the process.

Policy on conflict of interest

No employee shall act for the Company in any transaction involving persons or firms where he, his family or dependents have any significant connection or financial interest.


In line with upholding the principles of fairness and transparency by ensuring that shareholders are afforded due protection and individuals do not benefit from knowledge which is not otherwise generally available to the market, Filinvest Development Corporation (the “Company”) commits to prevent Insider Trading as prohibited under Section 27 of the Securities Regulation Code (SRC) and to comply with the pertinent requirements of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE). As such, the members of the Board of Directors, Key Officers and employees who have knowledge of such Material Non-Public Information as defined in Section 27 of the SRC are strictly prohibited from trading during the following periods:

Structured Reports/Disclosures – Within Ten (10) trading days before and within Three (3) trading days after any structured report/disclosure. Structured report/disclosure shall refer to periodic reports required by the SEC and/or the PSE to ensure public availability of continuing adequate information on the Company.

Non – Structured Reports/Disclosures – Within Three (3) trading days before and within Three (3) trading days after any unstructured report/disclosure. Unstructured report/disclosure shall refer to corporate developments as they occur and as may be necessary to update information on the operations and business of the Company.

Policy on related party transactions

The Company and its subsidiaries, in their normal course of business, have certain related-party transactions (RPT). Any RPT shall be conducted at arms-length and shall follow the general business procedures as specified and approved by the Board of Directors, based on transparency and fairness, and in the same way as ordinary transactions undertaken with outsiders, taking into account the best interests of the Company.

Amended Related Party Transaction Policy

Policy relating to health and safety

A Filinvest employee is expected to:

Health Rules

1.) Keep himself clean and tidy, and wear the prescribed

2.) Be responsible for the cleanliness and orderliness of his assigned equipment and immediate working area.

3.) Observe fundamental rules of health and sanitation.

4,) Refrain from spitting on the floors, stairways, etc.

5.) Use the toilet and washrooms properly.

Safety Rules

1.) Strictly observe safety rules or safety practices.

     Disorderly conduct shall be subject to disciplinary action.

2.) Strictly observe the “No Smoking” policy within offices.

3.) Utilize such safety devices and other equipment as be required and provided by the Company for a particular job.


Training and Development is one of the priority programs of the Company.

To prepare employees to assume greater responsibilities, the Company conducts in-house training and enlists recommended employees based on potentials in external seminars conducted by various learning institutions.

It is the goal of the Company to develop the highest level of skill among employees. The Company periodically assesses employee’s training needs to improve productivity and efficiency and to enhance professional and personal growth.